The steps to rent Paris De Oheya Studio

Remenber, you will receive a mail with all the documents to prepare and I will be there to clarify any point if you have any questions.


  1. Fill-in the contact form and book your rental period (minium 9 months)
  2. Provide and upload the legal documents
  3. Due diligence from the Agency base on the documents you provided
  4. Validation and confirmation the reservation
  5. Sign the contract and get the keys during the Check-in
How to sign 
Studio Rules

What you need to know before reserving Paris De Oheya studio

Can I rent Paris De Oheya Studio for few night like Airbnb ?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Paris De Oheya studio can only be rent for long term stay.

It is dedicated for tenant (Student or Expatriate) that come in Paris to study or work for a minium 9 month rental.

What is the monthly rent for Paris De Oheya, and what does it include?

As you might be aware, rents in Paris is regulated and controlled by the city to curb excessive rental rates and limit Airbnb listings.

The rent is priced at 1585€/month, which includes a provision of 150€/month for standard bills.

This monthly fee incorporate a percentage of the rental price to cover costs for Electricity, Water, Heating and Internet access.

If your consumption for Electricity-Water-Heating exceeds the expected amount, you will be required to settle the difference at the end of the rental period or the rent will be ajusted during your stay.

Please note that agency fees or booking platform fees are not included.

How can i sign the contract and obtain the keys ?

You will sign the rental contract using a legally-binding eSignatures (such as Dropbox Sign or simular). The keys will be handed over during the inventory of fixtures either by a Real Eastate Agency or directly by me. We will assist in preparing all the necessary legal rental documents to complet the reservation for Paris De Oheya Studio.

Once the documents are finaized and due diligence is conducted on your files, if you are selected, we will forward you a proposal. After which you can sign the rental contract. This contract can be used to open a bank account in a French bank, or to obtain any administrative papers you might need to come to France.

What are the legal documents to prepare?

This is a short list of the document you will manage with the Agency:

  1. Proof of identity
  2. Guarantee (via Garantme or Studapart)
  3. Proof of education or Work
  4. Security deposit
  5. Home insurance (via Garantme or Studapart)

Once you booked the Studio, you will receive a mail with all the detail documents that you need to prepare.

When the landlord will be involve?

As a Landlord, I will help you to get a smooth transition to prepare the legal papers and save time to get your rental contract that you will sign.

During all this process and during your stay, you could reach me via the booking platform chat, WhatsApp chat or set a Zoom or Microsoft Teams video conference call. You could book a meeting thank to my calendar.

Rules and what's allowed in Paris De Oheya studio

Who can stay in Paris De oheya Studio ?

Foreigner students or Expatriates are welcome to reserve the studio to study or work but a minimum 9 months stay is required.

The Paris De Oheya studio is designed to allow 2 guests maximum. Unfortunately, we do not accept pets.

Can we smoke in the studio?

No smoking is allowed inside the Studio or on the small balconet. Smoke alarm will be trigger if you smoke inside.

What are the check-in and check-out time?

Check-in time is between 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, if you arrive after 6:00 PM, please inform us, but extra fee will be apply.

Check-out time is not later 11:00 AM, if you arrive earlier you can leave your luggage while the Studio is being prepared.

Can we organize parties or events?

You should respect Quiet hours from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. So no parties and events must be respected.

No loud music or noise after 11:00 PM. Please remember that this is my flat, not a hotel.

I live in a quiet area so I ask that you have respect for my neighbours.

Additional limitations
  1. As this is a Japanese mood house, please remove your shoes when you enter, we have solid wood flooring. In the hall you will find a storage unit for footwear with complimentary slippers that you can use.
  2. No commercial photography.

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Fill in the below contact form to book the studio.

Minimum rental period is 9 months

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