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Welcome to Paris de Oheya Studio, the perfect place for a foreign student or an expatriate seeking a secure and fully furnished rental flat for a long stay in Paris.

The studio is located inside

the Arsenal district, 75004 Paris.

Paris De Oheya means in Japanese “the bed-room in Paris”.

Let's discover some old history in this Arsenal district before diving you into the studio insight.

Located in the heart of the historical Arsenal district, the studio is surrounded by the rich cultural heritage of the city.

The Arsenal district in Paris is a triangular area between the Quai Henri-IV, the Bassin de l'Arsenal, and the Boulevard Henri-IV.

 In the past, this area was home to the King's Arsenal or Grand-Arsenal, which served as an arms store and even a chamber of justice under Louis XIV.

The area was also home to the reserve attic from 1807 to 1871, and the Louviers Island was attached to the shore in 1847.

Today, the district is a peaceful and affluent residential area, boasting an impressive marina in the Bassin de l'Arsenal and the famous Arsenal library.

The Arsenal library was one of the most important in Paris during the 19th century.

The studio itself is situated in a charming 1930's building, which was once owned by the National Powders and Explosives Company, but has since been transformed into a thriving real estate business.

The building is completely secure and provides a safe and comfortable living environment for tenants and family owners.

The Paris de Oheya Studio was completely renovated in 2014 with the concept of a Japanese-style bedroom in mind, and offers all the modern amenities necessary for a comfortable long-term stay.


I hope you choose to experience the Parisian lifestyle with us at Paris de Oheya Studio. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our rental options and availability.

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